About Us

Andrew Brookes or Brooksie as he’s known by most has a long and varied career behind him kicking off in Birmingham back in the day 1983, drawn to the world of food through necessity and having to stand on his own two feet at the age of 16. He packed his belongings a few years later and headed off to the big smoke to become a classically trained chef. From here his love of food and travel saw him cooking around the globe and on the high seas. Once back on dryland Andrew was determined to share his culinary delights and knowledge of world food fusion to anyone who crossed his path. 

After creating Fresh Rootz – winner of best street food snacks 2014, appearing on ch4 Sunday Brunch and pride of place in the adventurous ‘Food Truckin’ book – best food truck recipes from around the world Andrew dissolved the Fresh Rootz partnership at the end of 2014.The Fusca dream came into being through a chance meeting with Ryton Organic Gardens, a match made in heaven. 

Why Fusca - It was while teaching and demonstrating world cuisines to professionals within an area called Fusca in Colombia, Andrew realised his knowledge of world food and spices combined with a love of using local and fresh vegetable products could help him bring quality vegetarian and vegan food to Warwickshire, this is how Fusca is known to us today. 

Andrew has built a devoted following so much so that his customers were asking for the opportunity to eat Fusca’s world fusion food in the evening. Faced with this demand and delighted to meet the challenge Andrew and the team have relocated and re-established as Fusca Warwick in an exciting new venue boasting a stunning vaulted ceiling and ambience like no other at The Knibbs, Smith Street, Warwick. 

As always, we welcome you whole heartedly and hope you enjoy our new recipes and menu not to mention our delicious new organic wines courtesy of Vintage Roots.